Should you hire a professional carpet cleaner?

That is probably a question anyone wonders. What is it exactly that the professional carpet cleaner will do when he comes at my property? Why are these companies recommending me professional carpet cleaning at least once a year when I could hoover every week? All these questions are valid for anyone who had to order […]

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Omg! We need to cook the Turkey!

How many of you will be preparing turkey this Christmas? Even if you have done it already in the last couple of years it is still quite engaging and for those cooking whole turkey for the first time even terrifying. But no worries because we in Carpet Cleaning Lords are people of many talents and […]

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Glitter or a traditional table? What will it be for you this Christmas?

Well Christmas is coming! It is everywhere the lights the decorations set up tables, luxury looking sets but which is for you? When it comes to tradition we Britons have a lot of them, like the country style coisy cottage with all the family together next to the Christmas tree. If we could add a […]

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Why is cleaning the most time consuming thing to do?

Probably everyone has asked themselves at least once this question. This one time a week we try to really tidy up and clean and sometimes it takes hours, not that it is that dirty at home but still it is time consuming. Why is that? Well first of all most people are not professionals and […]

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There is nothing like London before Christmas!

London gets reborn and happy once a year Oh the madness began! Lights here and there, beautiful adds begging you to buy marvelous presents. All this because it is almost here-Christmas! Right before Christmas the busiest place in Europe seems to be cheering and not caring for the suits and its corporate look. Everyone can […]

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Tips when you lost something at home!

London is a busy place so are our lives in it. There is no arguing that most of the time we struggle to put everything in order: bills, work, family, friends, obligations – these are the countless staff which make it hard to take a good care of our homes. This how you en up […]

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How to choose a rug for home?

Most certainly rugs give a joyful and playful finish to our interior. They are the detail that could change the whole atmosphere in your room from giving it a luxurious touch to making it fun and colorful. But everyone who decided to buy a rug asks themselves shall I buy a machine made or a […]

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Fabric sofa or leather sofa?

We all seek the comfort of a sofa when we get home from a long day. We need to admit to ourselves that there is nothing like the feeling to just sit in a comfy sofa in front of the TV and just relax. But when it comes to interior everyone likes to choose things […]

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Carpet cleaning could save you money

Have you ever thought how long will your carpet live after you purchase it? Most manufacturers nowadays say approximately 10 years, but that is if the carpet has been maintained well. For that you need professional carpet cleaning. As we all know London is one of the busiest places in the world and people move […]

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How to choose the right carpet cleaning company in London

No doubt the carpet cleaning industry in London has developed so much it is hard not to drive on the streets of London and not jump to a carpet cleaner’s car. As the business is blooming and the demand is so big obviously your choice of a company is becoming harder every day.  All carpet […]

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