Carpet Cleaning Barnes Castelnau SW13

Professional, affordable and safe!

Looking for experienced and reliable carpet cleaning Barnes Company? Look no more, you found us! Carpet Cleaning Lords is a family run business devoted to providing good quality cleaning for your carpets, mattresses and upholstery. The company has been cleaning in Barnes for a couple of years, working with the most qualified and experienced carpet cleaners in this area. Differing from other companies we offer strictly steam cleaning for your home, allowing us to fully specialize in these services. The company relies on its great performance to impress our customers and have a good name for itself.

No, to high prices! Yes, to clean carpets for Barnes!

We guarantee use of the best equipment on the market, friendly staff and only Ecofriendly and non toxic cleaning products. To clean your property we will use the steam cleaning method which ensures maximum dirt removal from any fabric, whether it is your carpet, rug or sofa.

We offer carpet cleaning as a single service or combined with any of our other services you could take the benefit of some discount.

What to expect from the cleaning process?

To begin, it is really important what the condition of your carpet is – whether it is old or new, synthetic or wool, stained or not. These factors will influence the results. For stained carpets a spray pretreatment is done at place before the main cleaning process.

Steam cleaning has been so far the best service you can get for carpets. If you are wondering why this is because your carpet is made of piles. As they are so tiny it is hard for the regular home vacuum cleaner to penetrate the surface to the extent that can take the dirt out.

Steam carpet cleaning Barnes is completely different. What we do with our massive equipment is we mix hot water with the right chemicals in the first container of the machine which then sprays the steam under pressure deep into your carpet. Then the chemicals step in and start to degrade the dirt, while the hot temperature exterminates living parasites like dust mites or any bacteria living in the carpet. What happens next is the machine has a second container to extract all this back. Due to its great suction power the machine takes all the dirt back together with the sprayed steam. This results in a semi-wet carpet which completely dries in a couple of hours.

Carpet Cleaning Barnes SW13 – great results, visible and sensible!

As soon as the carpet cleaning is done you can take a look and spot the difference straight away. You will notice that your carpet has much brighter colors, stains and traffic area fading is gone, but most importantly you will feel the air in the room so much lighter.

What you get from us:

  • Great service at affordable prices
  • Availability 365 days a year
  • A cleaning process that is safe to you and your kind and pets
  • Special offers available all year long
  • We use only the best equipment and the best products in the industry
  • A clean comfort home and a healthier office space to work in
  • Dust mites and bacteria free environment

We specialize in cleaning both in commercial and domestic carpet cleaning Barnes. Our services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning Barnes SW13

The ultimate treatment for your carpet, prices are formed per room and size, all listed on our website

  • Upholstery Cleaning Barnes SW13

Don’t forget your sofa, it needs refreshing too to stay that amazingly comfortable!

  • Mattress Cleaning Barnes SW13

As important as good quality sleep is this service is essential to your health. Get rid of dust mites by having our service and protect yourself against allergies and asthma!

  • Rug Cleaning Barnes SW13

We love rugs as much as we love carpets. Don’t forget to ask for a discount if you want to book carpet and rug cleaning at once!

For more information or a quote you may check our Contact us page or Chat with us straight away!

Alternatively call our direct line 020 3290 7085 and we’ll be there as soon as possible.

Be pro-active against dirt, let us do the work!