Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon SW19

We will be your favorite Wimbledon carpet cleaners! We have always had a special place in our business for Wimbledon. We are proud to provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning in the area.

What we do?

Carpet Cleaning Lords is a pro-active professional cleaning company operating in Wimbledon offering the following services:

  • Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon SW19
  • Mattress Cleaning Wimbledon SW19
  • Rug Cleaning Wimbledon SW19
  • Upholstery Cleaning Wimbledon SW19

We take action against dirt. Our services have been developed to help families and businesses in Wimbledon to have a healthier life. Our main service is carpet cleaning Wimbledon and we have spent so much time researching and steam cleaning that we can proudly say that we do the best carpet cleaning in Wimbledon.

Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon SW19. A service that is just worth spending on!

Have you ever noticed that with time no much how clean you anticipate to keep your home air just does not feel so fresh inside, if you have carpets they could be the originator of this problem. Carpets tend to withhold dirt and with time it gets embedded so deep in their piles that it is impossible to remove with vacuuming only. This is where we come with our splendid Wimbledon carpet cleaning service. We guarantee that with our powerful equipment and Eco-Friendly products carpet will be clean, so clean you will not only see it, but feel it too. The steam cleaning process is not complex at all, but it needs the right chemicals and the right equipment to ensure maximum lift of the dirt and the right temperature to exterminate dust mites.

What are dust mites and do they reside in Wimbledon?

Have you ever heard of some small invisible creatures that feed on human skin flakes? Well for certain you won’t be able to meet them, but they are all around you in pillows, mattresses and especially carpets. They are tiny organisms who feed on human skin flakes and after that reproduce and have their feces in fabrics. They may not look scary having in mind their size but what they can do is cause asthma and allergies. To avoid this is recommended that you have your carpets, rugs and mattresses professionally steam cleaned every 6-12 months. Carpet cleaning Lords is able to offer all these services to help you protect your home and health and guarantees their extermination. As we use the steam cleaning (also known as hot water extraction) you will be sure they will not be left living in the carpet piles or in your mattress. We can also assure you that our equipment is powerful enough to suck them back in the machine so there is nothing left.

Benefits from having Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon with us:

  • Your carpet cleaning service will be booked as soon as possible at a convenient time for you
  • You will see and feel the results from our supreme carpet cleaning Wimbledon SW19 service
  • After our service carpet colors will appear much brighter, air in the room lighter
  • Your breathing will ease and this way you will keep yourself and your kids healthier
  • Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon is offered on a 10% discount if your order is above £100
  • Excellent service, great team, no promises, a Guarantee!

But why leave it to there? Did someone say STAINS?

Oh yes, stains have been around since we all had carpets in our home and we all know how a glass of wine sometimes just slips, or your morning coffee while you run to work or take the kids to school. It is all so unpleasant especially for those of us who enjoy the cream and beige carpets. No need to panic though! Carpet Cleaning Lords is offering stain removal on carpets, rugs, sofas and mattresses as part of our service. To learn more, please visit our Stain Removal section.

Carpet Cleaning Wimbledon and so much more….

Now that we have explained about your favorite carpets we would like to remind you that the sofa and mattress will also be jealous and crave for such a supreme steam cleaning treatment.

Upholstery Cleaning Wimbledon

What does your sofa need? Just like carpets sofa’s colors tend to fade and at some point even odor appears not to mention that they become sticky on the surface. We have a solution for this as well. We use the same steam cleaning method and the same machine; however we use a much smaller hand tool so that the carpet cleaner could pick up on details and ensure proper cleaning procedure took place. Upholstery cleaning Wimbledon is a service we offer separately as well, it is not necessary to order carpet cleaning to have any of our other service. Gladly we are just a phone call away, simply dial 020 3290 7085 and we will come when it is most convenient for you, we work 7 days a week after all!

But Don’t Just Stop at Upholstery Cleaning Wimbledon

While we are at your property why don’t you have us clean your mattress, for sure you spend a lot of your quality sleep time on that so do not pass by this issue as well. We guarantee that our service mattress cleaning Wimbledon will not disappoint you. In fact we have a little video to show you how we work.

If you still have any questions….

Our team is on the phone. Anytime you need us just call 020 320 7085

You can also use Skype, Email or our Enquiry Form to contact us and we will reply as quickly as possible!

To remind you all our services listed on this website are available for Wimbledon SW19.

Having carpet steam cleaning as part of your regular maintenance will ensure that any carpet, rug, mattress or sofa will live longer and you will enjoy it.

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Upholstery Cleaning Wimbledon applies for all fabric and leather furniture including sofas, dining chairs, footstools and armchairs. All prices are listed on our website.

Mattress Cleaning Wimbledon applies for all single, double or king size mattresses although price could vary depending on size, combined with any other service, you could always get a deal.

Hurry up now we are waiting to bring you freshness!