Mattress Cleaning

Having your mattress steam cleaned could improve your sleep and health significantly.

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Safe and efficient service

Carpet Cleaning Lords Ltd uses only Eco-friendly and safe products that will extend the life of your carpet or upholstery. A guarantee for a healthier life.

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You just had a spillage?

If you just spilled something on your carpet the best thing to do is to keep the stain wet with a cloth, but do not put too much water as this could actually press the substance deep in the carpet piles. Do not try to use detergents which you simply have at home. The stain […]

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Carpet Soiling

Your carpet could accumulate a couple of pounds dirt each year. The dirt includes airborne soils, dust mites feces, pollens and many other particles which could disturb your health and sleep. Professional steam cleaning removes all these and exterminates any bacteria.

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Danger Dust

House dust contains ash, pollen, fungus, human and pets skin scales, fingernail filling, food crumbs and the worst the dust mites’ feces. Inhaling them triggers asthma and allergies. The most common sneezing and watery eyes could escalate to a much more dangerous condition.

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Skin Flakes

A person sheds about 1.5 million skin flakes an hour, most of which becomes embedded in our carpets. This provokes the appearance of dust mites who feed on organic detritus such as flakes of shed human skin. These little guys are responsible for causing asthma and allergic reactions. Professional steam cleaning has proven to exterminate the dust […]

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Pest Control

Professional carpet steam cleaning is the cheapest option for pest control. It kills all allergens and even the Norwalk virus which causes stomach flu and could stay alive in your carpet for over a month

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Tired of dark marks on your carpet?

Have you recently spotted dark marks on your carpet especially in the corners? Does the carpet feel sticky, well this is all result of soiling and draught marking. Did you know that because of small airborne particles carried with the room’s natural air flow you are witnessing a carpet in a bad condition? Clean your […]

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Prevent fluffing and shedding on your carpet.

Leaving your carpets not clean could result to the appearance of fluffing and shedding, common problems which have a tendency of being excessive. To prevent the carpet fabric from separating its core call us now and resolve this before it is too late.

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Dust mites? Prevent them from causing allergies.

Despite mattresses, upholstery is another part of your interior which contains dust mites and all other general dirt. It’s good to carry out upholstery steam cleaning few times a year to bring back its freshness and softness. Book a service at 020 3290 7085

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