Do you know what is really in your carpets?

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

With the summer season on its peak we all go out more and enjoy the splendid sunshine. There is no other feeling like the sunlight reaching in your life and entering your room.

But have you ever thought about all the little invisible particles you bring home after a nice walk out? This may look harmless but actually 12% of these particles could contain animal fibre. For those of you having allergies or asthma this could cause great discomfort and difficulties to your breathing and sleeping. Yes you see the bigger pieces hoover and remove them but how many exactly other are still in the carpet after hovering? Well that is about 45% of the dirt, which is a big number. The change in the air and the carpet’s fabric are just the beginning of a further damage to your carpet.

Even if the carpet does not look heavily soiled it still may contain a lot of dirt. From our professional experience as qualified carpet cleaners the average carpet in a double bedroom could contain several pound of soil.

Most carpet manufactures recommend that you have your carpets professionally steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months. In the case of shared accommodations this should extended to every 6 months to ensure the wellbeing of all people.