Fabric sofa or leather sofa?

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

We all seek the comfort of a sofa when we get home from a long day. We need to admit to ourselves that there is nothing like the feeling to just sit in a comfy sofa in front of the TV and just relax. But when it comes to interior everyone likes to choose things which will last longer so the inevitable question pops up: Fabric sofa or leather sofa?

Do not fool yourself that it is easy to maintain any of these in good condition without special care. On one side you have the leather, which gives a very luxurious look on your interior and to be honest a very very comfortable feeling. Leather is one of these things which is natural like the wood and it fits great to a wooden floor. There you have a marvelous look! You say to yourself that you will purchase appropriate detergent to clean it often so that the leather stays in good condition but with time you will notice that this is not enough. Just like the natural wooden floor could be damages by excessive water or scratched by moving furniture over it the leather is also much more delicate and its surface could be ruined if you do not take the appropriate measures. This is where professional leather cleaning comes in. In London you can have your leather sofa cleaned by ordering such service from a carpet cleaning company such as Carpet Cleaning Lords. This ensures that the accurate detergent will be used and moreover you will have a person who has done this a million times so has appropriate technique for leather sofa cleaning. Keeping it clean is not the only thing you have to do, avoid placing the sofa at direct sunlight as this will cause cracks on the surface and you do not want that. Well we all know that London is not the sunniest place on Earth, but keep that in mind. Caring for the leather is like caring for your own skin.

Fabrics on the other hand could be as much trouble as the leather. Some of them absorb dirt very fast, the colors fade and you can get dark marks just like those walk paths on your carpet. The worst thing is when you purchase a lovely creme or white sofa and in a month you notice that it is really hard to keep it so white. You then decide that you will try to wash the pillowcases at least and after that you see the difference, it is like your sofa has been pranked on a TV show! It looks so odd now doesn’t it? If you really want to care for a fabric you need it to be washed just like your clothes, but unless you intend on purchasing professional equipment for thousands of pounds your only solution is professional sofa cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Lords offers that as well and offers first class treatment in London for any sofa!

So whatever you choose make sure that:

1. You like it
2. It fits your interior
3. You have our number written down 020 3290 7085 for us to take care of your sofa!