1. How often should I clean my carpet professionally?
Avoiding soil to build up is essential to the life of your carpet. Despite hoover, have them cleaned professionally at least 1 or 2 times a year. It will extend their life and make the colors pop up again.

2. Can you remove stains?
If something is spilled on your carpet it is a good idea to keep the carpet wet with water until we come as this way you may keep it from becoming a permanent stain. Even though we use the best equipment on the market and professional cleaning products depending on the carpet’s fabric and the nature of the stain some stains may be permanent, feel free to ask us for more information.

3. Can steam cleaning damage my carpet?
No. Professional steam cleaning has proved itself to be the most effective and safe carpet cleaning method. It extracts the dirt out of the carpet instead of rubbing it in if you use a cloth and a commonly used cleaning product form the supermarket.

4. How long does it take the carpet to dry?
It depends on your carpet and property size, allocation etc., in most cases it takes about half a day.

5. Should I do something before the representative comes?
Yes. Make sure running water and electricity are available. Also remove or place safely any fragile or valuable items to avoid any damages if furniture needs to be moved.

6. Can you remove pet’s odors?
In Some cases.

7. Once the carpet is cleaned, could I step on it and move furniture back?
After the job has been completed it is important to step on the carpet only with clean shoes. Our representatives will provide overshoes which will prevent you from leaving any marks on the freshly cleaned carpet. If you want to move any furniture back it is very important not to put it directly on the carpet, use water proof protective pad underneath. To avoid staining the carpet by the furniture.