How to choose a rug for home?

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

Most certainly rugs give a joyful and playful finish to our interior. They are the detail that could change the whole atmosphere in your room from giving it a luxurious touch to making it fun and colorful. But everyone who decided to buy a rug asks themselves shall I buy a machine made or a hand made? Even more intriguing is how to be sure which one you have your eye on. To start with the basics rugs are consisted of numerous knots developing a certain pattern. They could be made from wool or even old T-shirts. To be able to decide whether a rug is a good investment you need to look at certain staff.

1. How many knots are there per square inch?
If you are looking to purchase a rug the number of knots tell you a lot. First of all the more knots you have the greater the visual detail. Second the more¬† the knots are the density of the rug is greater, hence it will be more difficult for dirt to get into the fabric and destroy it with time. Dirt is your number one enemy when in comes to rugs. The number of knots is also speaking for length of the rug’s life.

2. Is it hand made or machine made?
Next thing you need to know about the rug you are buying is whether or not it is made by hand. Typically the ones made by a machine will have no sign of any discrepancies in the knots when you turn the rug over. The handmade though might have some.

3. What would you like to take care of?
Sure we all know that many shops are selling rugs which are machine washable nowadays, but a guarantee that these will live a lot less than a hand made quality rug follows. The second will be with you much longer and you can enjoy them many years. Professional rug cleaning is one of the things you will need to have performed to ensure a longer life for your rug. Visit our section for Rug Cleaning which we offer in London to learn more.

4. Do you fancy that rug?
Well whatever you decide just go for what you like most! Whatever makes you feel like the real you is the right choice.