How to choose the right carpet cleaning company in London

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

No doubt the carpet cleaning industry in London has developed so much it is hard not to drive on the streets of London and not jump to a carpet cleaner’s car. As the business is blooming and the demand is so big obviously your choice of a company is becoming harder every day.  All carpet cleaning companies in London want to sell their services just like any other business, but there comes the trust. Do you trust to spend money for a service when you cannot know the outcome for sure?

What you need to have in mind when booking carpet cleaning:

1. Always ask the carpet cleaning company what cleaning methods they use. Have in mind that proven to be most efficient up to this moment is steam cleaning. It will not only give you great results but will also clean the carpets or upholstery deep to free you from dirt and allergens.

2. Beware of companies mimicking good practice. Even though steam cleaning has become so popular in London there is a difference in the equipment. Just like any other type of machines the ones for the carpet cleaning industry have different profile, options and some are more powerful than others. You might be in a situation where someone arrives with a small machine and claims the results will be great. Well simply the results could be great yes, but only on the surface. Small machines simply do not have the suction power or capacity to suck all the dirt from a carpet.  But since you are spending this money already ask them about their equipment and check it online to make sure you are not in business with amateurs. Our equipment in Carpet Cleaning Lords has 400 psi induction motor for example and it is made for heavy duty performance. This means one thing serious deep cleaning.

3. Do not pay more than you should! Average prices in London for carpet cleaning vary from £20 to £45 per room based on regular size rooms. If someone wants you to pay more than this they are most probably trying to rip you off. Carpet Cleaning Lords is proud to have prices starting from £20 per room.

4. If someone tells you that they can remove any stain, well , they are lying to you. Even though stains are in most cases removable some of them depending on their origin, whether you tried to treat them before and the carpet or fabric piles simply cannot be removed completely. This does not mean that you should not try. No one could guarantee you stain removal over the phone. Our rate of stain removal is currently 98.2% and we are seeking methods to make this even better. In a couple of days you will be able to visit our new section called Stain Removal where we explain more about why, where, when and from what stains appear. We will also discuss if they could be removed or not, offering best treatments and advices.

At the end seek carpet cleaners with experience, because a big deal of the job comes from the carpet cleaner’s technique. Make sure you have someone who is not just doing this job temporarily.