Carpet Cleaner Swanley BR8

Faded colors on your carpet? We have a solution for that! If you live in Swanley BR8 area and you are looking for a carpet cleaner who will not do a deep cleaning but can make the colors on your rug or carpet pop up you can count on us! Carpet Cleaning Lords is London based […]

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Chislehurst BR7

Carpet Steam Cleaning is a service which will improve your life at home or the office significantly. When it is performed with the right equipment and cleaning products it is as efficient as pest control against dust mites. These organisms are mostly living in your bedroom- in the mattress, pillows and in the carpets and upholstery. […]

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Carpet Cleaners Orpington BR6

For all residents of Orpington BR6, for any business or hotel Carpet Cleaning Lords is now offering carpet and upholstery cleaning in your area! What we do: On a daily basis we do deep cleaning using steam as a prior method. The results are brilliant and you can both see and feel them. For all […]

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Carpet Cleaning St Mary Cray BR5

How to get rid of stains on a carpet? Did you know that if you try to clean the stain with a home detergent it may result as a permanent stain. Depending on the carpet fabric and the chemicals in the detergent a reaction could happen and you could damage your carpet even further. If […]

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Carpet Cleaning West Wickham BR4

Do you have a dirty carpet? If you have a soiled carpet or some stains you have found the right company. Carpet Cleaning Lords provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services in London and now in West Wickham BR4. For any home or office our aim is a cleaner and safer environment for you! What we […]

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Carpet Cleaners Beckenham BR3

When do you need professional carpet cleaning? If you recently noticed discoloration, dark marks or walk paths on your carpet it would be recommended that you offer such service. This will prevent the later appearance of fluffing and shedding and dirt destroying the carpet piles. Professional carpet cleaning should be carried at least every 12 […]

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Carpet Cleaning Keston BR2

Have your carpet colors faded? Have you noticed that at some places your carpet has more color than other? That is a result of more and more dirt embedding in it. Carpets may contain several pounds dirt each year and if you want to prevent it from fluffing and shedding as well you need professional […]

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Carpet Cleaners Bromley BR1

Why does your carpet start smelling with time? Like it or not with time carpets get full of dirt and airborne soils. What is even worse is that living organisms like dust mites are usual habitats in it and they reproduce and have their feces all over the carpet piles. When you combine these factors the […]

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