Privacy Policy

The following section addresses how Carpet Cleaning Lords Ltd. company number 8653156, collects and uses personal information and the types of information we collect from our customers, how we use this information and how it is kept, through our website or any other type of communication between users and the company.

Examples of personal information we may collect from you:

We will mainly collect contact information from you like: Names, Address, Phone number, Email address, Size of your property, IP etc.

How is data collected and used?

By using our services you consent to provide personal information needed to arrange an appointment for carpet, upholstery or mattress cleaning. You can provide your personal information by phone, email, enquiry form, chat or Skype, all of which are used solely by Carpet Cleaning Lords Ltd. Any information you provide will be used by us (the company) to provide a service, quote or answer enquiries. We may also email you offers and updates regarding our business to provide you with opportunities to benefit from them. We may collect such information as your location, type of device, browser and IP for the sole purpose of keeping statistical records for our website.

We will not

Sell, disclose or pass on your information to third parties, unless your consent has been obtained upfront.

We will

Store your information securely and only relevant company members will be able to see it for any purpose related with our business, whether monitoring our sales or reviewing traffic on our website or contacting you regarding services, promotions etc.