Professional Carpet Cleaning Services KT21 Ashtead

Professional carpet steam cleaning services for your home or business in Ashtead. High quality services with professional heavy duty equipment and Eco Friendly materials. Our prior method it’s proven from most carpet and upholstery manufacturers to be the most effective and save – steam cleaning.

Sofa Steam Cleaning

How does steam carpet cleaning works?

The steam cleaning sprays how water mixed with special chemicals into the carpet.  As the dust mites are the usual habitats of your carpet and they die only at high temperature, this is why it is important to have a big machine. Don’t trust people who come at your home with small machines, the most they could do is clean the surface of the carpet only. Once the chemicals and hot water are sprayed in the carpet a reverse process ofextraction begins. All the water together with the dirt goes back in the machine and the carpet is left clean, sanitized and fresh. It will be a bit wet but that should disappear in a couple of hours.

Price list and contact details available on the website.  Only safe and non toxic cleaning methods used. We clean in Ashtead and the surrounding areas:

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