Should you hire a professional carpet cleaner?

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

That is probably a question anyone wonders. What is it exactly that the professional carpet cleaner will do when he comes at my property? Why are these companies recommending me professional carpet cleaning at least once a year when I could hoover every week?

All these questions are valid for anyone who had to order this type of service at some point. If anyone could count all the carpets in our London homes it will be probably as much as the knots in a fine rug. But do carpets have a purpose besides giving us a cosy atmosphere at home?

Surprisingly they do. You probably heard or read about all these airborne organisms in our houses causing allergies and having sometimes a big impact on our health. You probably also have heard about dusty mite. All these invisible creatures inhabiting our homes, beds, pillows and most importantly our carpets. So there you go your carpet besides the fact that acts as a container for these creatures and millions of them get stuck in it, it also traps them and you do not inhale a very big percentage as a result.

As you probably already guessed this trap is not endless so at some point you have to empty it. Do not fool yourself though that you can do that with the hoover. Even the best hoovers on the market are unable to get that deep into the core piles and suck these organisms our. Why? One simple answer- feces.

Yes your carpet is full of feces. These organisms are not only living and inhabiting carpets they are also reproducing and popping stuff out in the carpet’s piles. This is why at some point no matter how much you clean your carpet it is still sticky! There is nothing to be ashamed of nor you should go and buy a new hoover spending a couple of hundred pounds. Don’t get me wrong there are some hoovers which have so much suction power that it looks as if there is no dust in the room after you use them, but take a look back an hour after you finished cleaning. Yeah, it’s still there , so are the organisms endangering your health, their cousins, relatives and some other uninvited guys.

So here we come to the conclusion why we need a professional carpet cleaner. If you are wondering what he can do about you – the answer is only good things. The carpet cleaning industry in London has developed to the point where there are barely people in London which haven’t been calling carpet cleaning companies. Ask yourself now why is that?

Obviously for all Londoners to look for such a service probably many of you have allergies, want to protect your children or have a pet which just won’t stop leaving fury balls everywhere. You may not realize it but in a climate with so much humidity it is beneficial to have everything cleaned properly. Your carpet cleaner will come with a big fancy machine and you will suffer some noise but after just feel the smell in the room. It is as if you are not in the same place. You are outside near a mountain spring because the air just feels so light you breathe free!

This is what happens when you hire a carpet cleaner, so next time just dial 020 3290 7085 and hesitate no more.