Something you don’t really think about that could destroy your carpet-soiling

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

What is carpet soiling?

Have you ever wondered why your carpet’s colors are fading or the carpet’s fabric looks worse with time? Even if you are hovering your carpets or rugs often with certain number of years the damages become more and more visible.

Well if you like your carpet so much that you bought it some time ago then you should probably know why this is happening. The reason is only one filter soiling. All small particles you care with you every day at your home combined with natural air flotation actually are destroying your carpets. Once these particles are carries inside the house as they are airborne they have been carried around by the air flow and as they are so tiny and little as soon as they get in contact with the carpet or rug’s fabric they get stuck in their piles.

Actually this will be most visible first at your corners and near doors where the air is moving at most now you know why the corners of a carpet usually look dirties than the other parts of it.

Hoovering often like twice a week is a way to maintain the carpet well but even with that a significant amount of particles stays in the carpet piles once it is there.

Compared to hovering professional carpet cleaning could extend the life of the carpet or rug with a big number of years but only when it is done regularly.