Stain Removal

Stains Could Be Separated In Two Categories

The first one includes all stains which are a result of food spillage like tea, coffee, wine and all common dirt.

The second one represents chemicals.

The difference between the two categories is that while the first one does not damage the carpet and its piles the second one have a permanent effect.

Get ready to experience the wow stain removal

Why Is That?

While food and the usual dirt in the house have organic origin chemicals act aggressively and differently. By chemicals we understand cleaning products commonly used at home like furniture polish which you would not usually expect to cause damage on your carpet.

How Do Chemicals Work In Carpet Piles?

Once the chemical goes deep in the carpet piles it may stay there for days or even months before you see any stain appearing. This is because any chemical needs an accelerator to cause a reaction. Such accelerator could be extremely high humidity and high temperature for example. Knowing how much humidity there is in Britain don’t be surprised if a stain just appears on your carpet one morning.

Different Chemicals – Different Discoloration

  1. Yellow stains – these could be a result of pet shampoos, urine or fertilizers.
  2. Green or blue – these stains are a result of destroyed red dyes in the carpet and their origin could be a simple furniture polisher. So when you spray a furniture polish make sure you spray it on a cloth not directly on the surface to avoid this.
  3. Pink and orange stains could be a result of vomit, toilet cleaner or tile cleaner.
  4. Just faded color could appear from disinfectants or bathroom cleaners.

So once these chemicals get accelerated and you have one of the above results there is not much actually you could do as the chemical process is not reversible. Because some of the reactions could be triggered by extreme humidity you could see the stains appear right after you had carpet steam cleaning. But keep in mind that the stain was already there and it is not the carpet cleaner’s fault.

But What About The Stains From Organic Origin?

If you are wondering if they could be removed yes they could be, however not every stain is treatable a 100%. If you run into a company promising you to remove any stain do not fool yourself. The best way to treat stains and check if they can be removed is actually try to do it. So until you have a carpet cleaner on site you won’t be able to know if this is removed or not. Don’t let this discourage you though. If you want to make sure you are not wasting your money make sure you call the right company. Make sure they have the right equipment powerful enough to get in the carpet piles and enormous suction power to extract the stain back. Always be prepared for a big equipment to get a good result. Carpet Cleaning Lords uses 400 psi machines, powerful enough to get into the core of the piles or fabrics, and suck the dirt out back in the machine. Please check our videos to see how exactly we do deep steam carpet and upholstery cleaning in London.

The Bottom Line

Stains could be stubborn, but in most cases there is no need to replace the carpet and they could be removed. This service is included in our prices and you will not be overcharged.  Trust companies like us with the appropriate equipment and which are not using superlatives to sell something which not always could be done on a 100%.