Tips when you lost something at home!

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

London is a busy place so are our lives in it. There is no arguing that most of the time we struggle to put everything in order: bills, work, family, friends, obligations – these are the countless staff which make it hard to take a good care of our homes. This how you en up with a mess sometimes which takes hours to tidy up  or you can’t find something exactly when you need it. This is a nightmare, but it could be a nightmare under control. Even if you are a brilliant chaotic person you can still find a way to organize your chaos.

1.  Make sure that the most important belongings like passport and keys are always at the same place or at least left on easily accessible by you place.

2. If you are so occupied with an upcoming meeting you are stressed and in a hurry. This will not help you find anything. Just relax and try to remember where you have seen it last or just check the most unexpected place that comes to your mind first.

3. If there is a mess there is always 5 minutes left to just sort the mess and separate items to make sure when you get home later you can spare yourself some quality time tidying up.

4. If you want to make sure something is well hidden in your home like something valuable or sentimental and you suspect you might forget where you put it create a draft text message in your phone with a code. For example your pets name just like when you signed up the documents at the bank, lets say your pets name is Toby. Associate this name with the object you want to hide and next to Toby you can write down white left which could mean top white drawer of the left cupboard. It might look silly to you but you might try it.

5. Last you can simply keep your home tidy by putting everything back on its place every time you get something, but if this is too time consuming for you try the tips above. Good Luck!