Why is autumn the best season for carpet cleaning?

by Carpet Cleaning Lords

For many people allergies season does not end.  Now when the autumn is here raining season in the UK is in its full power. Humidity rises and dust mites reproduce even more intensively. More than 12 million Britans suffer from allergies caused by dust mites. The wetter the weather the more of them there are. So for those of you who already suffer from allergy or asthma this causes great discomfort in y0ur own home. At least 60% of the people allergic to dust mites have suffered in their own bedroom. One thing you could do is use allergen proof cover for your mattresses and pillows, but this will not stop them floating in the air every time you use the vacuum cleaner on your carpet. Hence a carpet steam cleaning could really benefit your life and your sleep. If you have it done twice a year you will limit the reproducing of these microorganisms. So the autumn is a really appropriate time to have carpet steam cleaning considering that the lower the temperatures get the more time you will be spending at home.  However always ask the appropriate questions before ordering a carpet cleaning service whether from a private carpet cleaner or a company, for example:

1. How powerful is your equipment?
You need to know this because some carpet cleaners use machines with very low suction power, so you will end up with a surface clean only. Why is that? A carpet cleaning machine has to be powerful enough to first spray the hot water and chemicals deep in the carpet piles or the upholstery fabric and then extract them back in itself, without leaving the carpet over wet. In Carpet Cleaning Lords for example we use 400psi machine. It is powerful to get to any carpet, rug, mattress or sofa and leave it genuinely clean, which is the most important for you.

2. What chemicals are you using?
You need to make sure that the company or carpet cleaner you call uses only professional cleaning products which are especially developed for fabrics and what is more important safe for your health. This guarantees your allergies will not be triggered by them. Ask which company they buy the products from and then check the company online.

3. Can you remove stains?
Every carpet cleaner can remove stains from coffee, wine, etc. however depending on the carpet’s fabric and whether you tried to remove it yourself with a home detergent some stains become permanent and even after treatment they stay. Sometimes a carpet technician should first see the stain and then advise you whether they can remove it or not, so if someone claims they can remove any stain probably you should look elsewhere.